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Abid Beli

I have over a decade of experience as being an entrepreneur, management and leadership positions. I have been working in diversified areas of business for the last 20 years. It made me start from small business to huge one and from there onwards, from Pakistan to international. All the business varies from industry to industry which had a line from business and in Pakistan to Europe. Wherever I have worked, it was full of passion and strong belief. Whenever I learned something, I strive for the excellence and as soon as I had the excellence I started finding a new horizon for myself. I love to develop new areas, always in a smarter way with full passion. As an all rounder and a generalist, these business suites me well, not to mention the fact that i am always meeting new and influential people in business in all over the world. I have a strong believe on “Learning can take you everywhere” Specialties:Social Media Strategist, Key Account Management, Marketing (Including Direct Marketing), Business Consultancy, Entrepreneurship

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