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How it works is a "contact utility" that allows individuals and businesses to get in touch with those they don't currently know but would like to in a safe and mutually agreed upon manner.. It allows you to contact anyone outside of your immediate network in order to facilitate the sharing of ideas, to ask for personal advice, propose a project or to gain a new client. The team and community provide the perfect network and medium to get your message through to people they know.

Read why people will open their network to you. – Find people, pay to contact them Directly, site members will help to get your message delivered.

  • Find People: Decide who you want to contact through our site.
  • Select the Price: Decide on the price you are willing to pay to get your message across.
  • Get Help: The team and community members will help get your message to the person you want to contact. There are more than 3,602,600 direct connections already on

We developed Directly because - Getting in touch with people who you don't yet know can be extremely difficult and time consuming particularly when oceans, lifestyles or an entourage of handlers stand in the way. alters the way we get introduced to people we want to know. Simply log on and add the name of the individual you wish to contact, add the price you think is fair for that person to read your message and let our members help get your message through.


Why members will help you - allows you to leverage your personal network and profit simply from knowing people that others want to get in touch with. From the moment you join our community you will have the ability to add your personal contacts from various social networks thereby ensuring that you have an exclusive share in their future profits from the website.

Protect Your Contacts first and then inform others to do the same.
This in turn allows them the opportunity to add and protect their own network and profit in the same way. When a member helps you get in touch with one of their contacts they will benefit by way of a portion of the paid message amount.

What to do on
Sign up for Free:

Sign up is absolutely free.
For an even more convenient sign-up use our Express signup and join via your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts.

Protect your Contacts

When you join our site take the time to list and protect all of your personal contacts on your social networks. Whenever one of these people gets contacted on our site you earn a portion of the income associated with that paid message. Protect Your Contacts right now before someone else does.

Note:  Protected contacts in the last 24 hours: 0

Set Your Contact Price:

Your contact price is what others must pay in order to contact you. There are two options to set your price:

Option 1: Set your minimum price anywhere from $1 to $9999. People must be willing to pay the minimum amount you have decided upon before a message can be sent to you.

Option 2: Let Members Pay What They Want: if you checked this option, the person trying to contact you decides on the amount they want to pay for their message to be read by you.

Note: Both options can be changed by you at any time. Any messages before the change takes place will be based on what option and price you had selected before the message was sent.

Advance Users:

Advance users can prelist what others should pay to contact them. You have the option to sell your life experiences, information or data you own. Simply write a headline for what you want to sell, decide on the price, if you want to sell Anonymously, set the delivery date and take your offer live. You can also use our Automated Experience engine to see what others will pay to contact you?

Note:  More than 0 Life Experiences added in the last 24 hours
How can you use to

Directly contact someone?

Contacting a member

Steps to follow:

  • Step 1:
    Click on 'Contact Someone' from the top menu bar, which will lead you to the following page. Contact People
  • Step 2:
    Search for the person you are looking for by name.
  • Step 3:
    Pick your person from the results or click View More to see a full list.
  • Step 4:
    From the list or from the person's profile, Click on Send message, Pay the pre-established contact price, set an expiry date for the message and send your message to the person.

Note: (only the recipient can read your message. If your message is not read before it expires, your money will be returned, no questions asked.)

Note 2: When someone pays to contact you, you have the choice to keep the money or donate it to charity/cause of your choosing. It is extremely easy to set up a charity of your choice and establish the payment mechanism to this organization.

Contacting a Non-member

If you are trying to search for someone who is not yet a member, you can do so by creating a Price Bounty. This bounty is the price that you are willing to pay to guarantee that that particular person will read your message. The true magic comes when your price bounty becomes known by other members. If you cannot find the person you are looking by searching here Create a Bounty by clicking here.

Steps to follow:

  • Step 1:
    write the person's full name (please write the name in full to help other members find the correct person for you)
  • Step 2 (optional):
    Person's Image: If you have the picture of the person please add it. It further helps in identifying and adding the right person to our site for you.
  • Step 3:
    Tell us about the person: There could be multiple people with the same name. To help our members find the right person for you, please include details about the person (work, city, anything else that helps).
  • Step 4 (Optional):
    If you know the Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter URL's of the person you are trying to contact, please add this information. This will further help our members find the right personas these URL's are as unique per person as email addresses are.
  • Step 5:
    Your Message Subject: Summarize what your message is with a useful subject line. Attention grabbing subject lines/titles work the best.
  • Step 6:
    Write your Message: Your message can only be read by the recipient, others cannot read the message and if the recipient does not read your message before it expires, your money will be refunded.
  • Step 7:
    Identity: When sending a message, you have the choice to show or not show your identity to the recipient or anyone else. By voluntarily unchecking a box, your message will be sent anonymously and your name will not be revealed.
  • Step 8:
    Expiry time: you can set the expiry time associated with your message from 1 day to one month. If your message is not read before it expires, your money will be refunded.
  • Step 9:
    Your Payment Amount: This is the Bounty amount you are willing to pay for this person to join and read your message.
  • Step 10:

    Click on Create Bounty
    Any Bounty you have created will be added to the market so that the team and community members can help get your message through to your intended individual. After you create the bounty, you can add additional information about the person you are trying to contact, including their website, location and even some of the skills this person possess.


We at are so confident in our model and resources that we guarantee that your message will be read OR you get your money back

Why I should be on

  • 1 : In order to protect your contacts. It takes 30 seconds to do and establishes a strong foundation for you on our website. There are currently more than 3,602,600 direct connections on
  • 2 : Find the right people: is the only site where the staff and the community members work for you to help get your message to the exact person you are trying to contact.
  • 3 : To share your personal, professional and social life experiences, advice and lessons learned to help others and make a bit of money in the process
  • 4 : To improve your knowledge about things you want to learn about by directly contacting people who have already done those things and have their personal experience and advice to share with you. We already have over 100,901 shared experiences already.
  • 5 : To find and contact someone specifically by leveraging the power of our members to introduce you to the person you are looking for.
  • 6 : You have spent real money to shape your life the way it is; its time you earn real money from your life experiences by sharing them with others who are at various intersection of life, some of which you may have already conquered.

Who and what you know can be very valuable to those who are trying to establish themselves or expand their network and knowledge base. For the first time, what you have already experienced in life can earn you income simply by sharing it on our platform. Anything from your local knowledge about your city, school(s) you have attended, your relationships, companies you have worked at, hobbies you have, books you have read, movies you have seen, gadgets you use, trips you took, idea you executed, anything at all that you have gone through, can be shared with others who may be going through something similar right now.

So start sharing your experiences to earn while you help people.

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