Ayala Gamburd


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Ayala Gamburd

Ayala is a result oriented professional who looks to add value to the work, as well as create a work environment that is invigorating, fast moving and cooperative. Key Clients: Cablevision, RASCO, Rainbow Media and The New York Times. Currently she is a Consultant, leading the Advertising AD Sales Ramp program for Cablevision, that includes SFDC, ad sales inventory systems, traffic systems, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence systems. Delivering a multi phased solution that will provide business leader with the data to optimize ad sales, ad inventory management and strategic pricing decisions. Throughout the years she has found that many vendor solutions and services, are implemented at a significant cost but at the end of the day the deliverables do not meet expectations. She saw an opportunity to deliver value and formed a company with the goal to use Technology and Data to create immediate and direct business value by establishing upfront success measures and guarantying results. Leveraging her extensive executive experience at the Times with the hands on experience of running an agile consulting firm gave her the insight to know how to successfully deliver results, when costs and timelines are realistic and when solutions are optimal. Marked as a rising star at the New York Times Company after successfully leading the implementation of the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems and Data Warehouse. She was promoted in the IT Department and offered a leadership role in a subsidiary of the Times Company to lead the IT and the business development department. Scott Heekin-Candey the President and General Manager of the New York Times has been her mentor for 4 years, while she was implementing several large scale projects and long term strategies for the Times. She worked with stakeholders to analyze short term and long term needs, connecting new technologies and apps to legacy systems and data. She has completed the program of Executive Management Training from Harvard Business School.

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