Ken Dircks


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Ken Dircks

Ken helps companies create technology solutions for DATA, DEVICES and COLLABORATION. * DATA: Big Data and traditional data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics. * DEVICES: Phones, Tablets, RFID, Smart Meters, and Sensors. * COLLABORATION: High-performance team solutions using SharePoint and He has 22 years of IT project experience ranging from large-scale waterfall implementations to small agile ones. He has designed solutions, built them, and helped create markets for them. After many years doing large-scale consulting, his new direction is smaller, faster implementations using open source and other tools that support agile development. Ken has held the position of Managing Director, Client Solutions at SVAM International since July 2012. Prior to that he worked 10 months as The Director, Business Solutions for Caserta Concepts. He has also been part of the top management for companies like New York Onshore and Accenture. Ken is a graduate from Hofstra University where he studied Business Administration, Psychology, Philosophy and Computer Sciences.

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