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What if with a snap of your finger you can build new relationships, contact anyone directly, get a new business lead, solve a personal problem? Yeah, yeah we know contacting people you don’t know can be time consuming and hard. There are so many factors to consider; if you try to do it on your own, you need to look for contact details and then try to connect by calling, emailing or using the social networks. If you try the introduction method; you need to find someone who knows the person and then ask for the intro and wait until something happens. is a platform that takes all the work out of contacting people you don’t know, you decide who you want to contact and site members will easily introduce you to their contacts, it’s a fascinating story you can read more about it here. The team was debating who will be the most contacted person in Montreal and decided to create a list similar to the Forbes top 100 list. Montreal top 100 is a list complied by our team with input from the members. This is a projected list, which means our members and us feel these will be the most contacted people from Montreal Canada. We will publish the actual list couple of weeks after the launch of, which will be based on actual. That list will show who are the most contacted people from Montreal who others paid to reach out to. It will not be based on who is being searched the most, who has the most followers and friends on social networks, it will simply be based on who is the most in demand from Montreal based on others paying to contact them.It’s a Pay per message as it should be. Simply log on to, search for the person you want to contact using their name, decide how much you want to pay and send your message. Your job is done, more than 2 million direct connections are already on Directly, someone must know the person you are trying to contact and will make the PassThrough. People you must know in Montreal, Canada is a list of people who have the intellect, know-how, contacts and willingness to help. You want to do well in Montreal; these are the people who can help you grow, professionally and personally. They are the entrepreneur, investors, local officials, lawyers, CEO’s, founders and successful motivated individuals who have climbed the corporate leader or are climbing as we speak. Chances are high, what you are going through in life, someone on this list has been through it already. They have already helped others achieve their goals and connecting with them can make your life easier. If you know someone who fits this bill, feel free to add them to this list.Here is the projected list of the most contacted people from Montreal:.

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Jean-Sebastien Cournoyer
Partner at Real Ventures
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Thomas Birch
Business development
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