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Entrepreneur رجل اعمال,Investor مستثمر , Author كاتب, Business Development Consultant مستشار تطوير اعمال، Internet Marketing Expert خبير بالتسويق عن طريق الانترنت Biography Ahmed Al Kiremli – Entrepreneur, Investor & Author As an entrepreneur, author and business maverick, Al Kiremli has worn many hats during his career. In the last decade alone he has created the world’s first Iraqi food franchise, a unique gaming brand, and undertaken or invested in myriad projects. Thanks to his perseverance, his innate belief that every day brings with it the opportunity to learn something new, and his ability to adapt and navigate any obstacles he encounters, he has made each of his “hats” fit. If you were to ask Ahmed Al Kiremli why he’s as successful as he is today, he’d tell you it’s because he’s failed in the past, and learned from those failures. An endless seeker of knowledge, Al Kiremli holds an MBA from the University of Phoenix, AZ. Supplementing his acquired knowledge and experience through books, seminars and the mentorship of experts, he has managed to continue incorporating his love for learning into his everyday life. In his career, he has used this thirst for knowledge, both the acquiring and sharing of it, to straddle the line between corporate strategist and entrepreneur. He has tackled such varied challenges as implementing strategic change within decades old companies to establishing and franchising his own Iraqi fast/casual dining brand (Iraqi Touch); the first Iraqi food franchise in the world. Along the way, he created an inventive gaming brand (Games Corner) leveraging “dead space” within malls and subsequently franchised the concept, provided tactical leadership to leading regional brands and used his in-depth knowledge of internet marketing to optimally position his brands. He continues to explore new concepts, either his own or unique investment opportunities, daily, and stays true to his overriding passion: to learn all he can, and share that knowledge with others. Alongside this drive, Al Kiremli has kept striving to find the ideal balance between work and life, developing innovative methods of managing his ever increasing workload in ways that allow him to combine his love for life, and his love for work. He has streamlined his operations through a combination of outsourcing and productive delegation among other methodologies, freeing up time to allow him to continue developing new concepts, and identifying new opportunities. A firm believer in the principle that says the right mindset, a willingness to learn, persistence, and a belief in the dreams that drive us combined with the will to take action are the main keys to success means that Al Kiremli has developed a sixth sense which has led him to seizing opportunities others may discard. It’s by taking these educated risks that he’s succeeded, and today, he has taken his myriad talents and varied experience and combined what he has learn into the premise for his new book; one that deals with the ever important topic of transitioning from employee to entrepreneur. If you ask Al Kiremli what tomorrow will bring, he’ll tell you he doesn’t know; all he’s sure of is that whatever it is he’ll learn from it, grow, succeed and ensure it endures as part of his legacy. After all, for an entrepreneur who managed to find the time to acquire new skills, seek out and embrace new opportunities while maintaining balance in his life through creative management, all while becoming a professional squash player: anything’s possible.

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