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I started to be a Teacher at age twelve, and I did not know I could even do anything like that. Everything started when one of our neighbor told me to please help her kids with Math and Reading and comprehension. I asked her why she was telling Me that and she just said that it was because I was patient and they (the kids) respected and listened to me...just imagine!! I was shocked!! My Mom was there and she agreed in giving me permission to do it at our place. Neither asked ME if I wanted to do it nor if I even knew what they were talking about!!! It has been a long road and here I am. Leader in indigenous languages revitalization in this part of my country, representing my Alma Matter: UABC...and I am humbled for such an honour!! I just finished my Bd. in Sciences of Education...and doing what I was learning at the same time, others, sometimes I had to research, read and learn really fast what to do few days before the challenge came in...I am an autonomous learner and I would like to share my experiences and some tips that might be helpful. Best Regards, Remedios

Remedios RiosEnsenadaBaja CaliforniaMexicoTeacher
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