• What is Directly.me?

    Need help and advice or simply want to contact someone outside your social reach? Directly.me will allow you to contact ANYONE in the world no matter if you're looking for a certain skill, experience, profession, life choice or even a person locally or globally - you're in the right place.

  • Is there a cost to join Directly.me?

    No, Directly.me is absolutely free to sign up.

  • How do I verify my account?

    A verification email will be sent within 5 minutes of signing up. (Usually instant)

    For further verification simply connect your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn account & you will receive a verified tick under your profile picture for each of these done successfully.

  • What is “Protect your contacts”?

    Be the first to protect your contacts and Directly.me will pay you every time someone from your protected list gets contacted.

    Protect your contacts NOW before it’s too late.

  • What is “Enrich Profile”?

    Enrich profile helps users to identify a starting point by automatically building your profile giving it the foundation it needs; reducing the manual thinking/typing process which should be done later once you’ve enriched and have the basics.

    It does this by extracting the basic information you have in your Facebook or LinkedIn profile (depending on which social network you choose to Enrich with) and arranges them into experiences which you can then edit and remove to add the finishing touches to your Directly.me profile.

  • Why would people pay to contact me?

    There are times when you feel the need to talk to people who have already been through what you are going through in life right now. But if you don’t have anyone that fits the description within your social network how would you find and contact someone that does?

    Directly.me allows you to contact anyone in the world directly and learn from his or her experiences, knowledge, skills, life choices etc.

  • How do I make my account private?

    Coming soon.

  • What if the person I contact doesn’t read my message?

    If the person doesn’t read your message within the given time frame then your amount will be refunded to your account instantly.

  • Is there a money-back guarantee?

    Yes there is, if your message is not read by the time frame you set then you get your money back automatically.

  • What is a “Bounty”?

    If the person you are looking for is not on Directly.me then you can simply place a bounty on them & we’ll make sure that your message gets delivered to them or you get your money back.

  • Can I use Directly.me without a Credit/Debit card?

    Yes. You can use many features without using any payment methods, for example: viewing profiles and searching for certain people, skills and life experiences. However, the main core of Directly.me is to obtain someone you are trying to get hold of who may hold a certain skill, life experience or you might want to even just get the persons attention. Its simple, we help you do this with a small fee starting from $1.

  • Will a Directly.me mobile app be available on android, iOS?

    We are currently working on this don’t worry you’ll be the first to know once it’s live!

  • Can I advertise with Directly.me?

    At the moment, Directly.me is advertisement-free.

  • How do I contact Directly.me support?

    If you wish to contact support, please email support@directly.me.

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